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It's a Boring job, but someone's got to do it. Boring Americans team members have over 25 years of experience laying millions of feet of pipe all across the US.

Our team of proven professionals can help you avoid the network of dangers that lie beneath the surface. When you want the best team for the job, contact Boring Americans  



Photo of Bore Crew of four members

Our cloud-based project software is designed to streamline the management of your enterprise accounts, particularly when it comes to directional boring projects.

With our intuitive mobile application, you can effortlessly document all production data right on-site using your phone or tablet. This simplifies the recording process and ensures accuracy.

Furthermore, the daily reports automatically sync to the cloud. This means that our office staff can access detailed and precise information for tracking the progress of the boring project. It also facilitates the creation of close-out packages and as-built documentation when needed.

  • Precon meeting information

  • Issue, track, create as-builts, and approve jobs & change orders in one system

  • Receive standardized daily production reports with GPS locations, photos, time stamps, and tools to verify production is true and accurate

  • Automatically generate KMZ files that upload to Google Earth & import into AutoCad  Using a WGS84 (EPSG – 4326) coordinate system

  • New network construction is saved to a single cloud-based system print that is accessible to all system-techs on a daily basis

  • Materials are tracked from the time the contractor takes possession until the materials are installed

  • Active Job Dashboard allows the provider to track open PO’s, job status, and percentage complete

  • Automatic wall-to-wall Reports

  • Standardized photo reports

  • Printable as-built maps

  • Small and Macro cell site Close Out Documents

  • Material usage reporting

  • Locate Tracking – With automatic expiration reminder


Our cloud-based project software simplifies managing your directional boring project.


The intuitive mobile application makes it easy to record all production right in the field on a phone or tablet.


Daily Reports sync automatically in the cloud so that our office staff have access to detailed and accurate information used for tracking boring progress and for the eventual creation of close-out packages and as-builts.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE image showing desktop and mobile phone with software displayed
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